Sex Therapy

Helping you to create intimacy that works for you 

People interested in improving their relationship to sexuality are often left scratching their heads trying to understand what sex therapy is and what a sex therapist does. This lack of understanding is compounded by our cultures uneasy relationship with sexuality and pleasure.

Sex therapists are trained psychotherapists. We are social workers, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, licensed professional counselors and nurse practitioners. This means that most sex therapists also work with individuals, families and couples dealing with issues such as depression, anxiety, past traumatic events, substance abuse issues and general life transitions. Sex therapists work to help people develop a better relationship to their bodies, desires and relating to their intimate partners in more authentic and honest ways. 

Struggles with sexual functioning and pleasure may stem from past traumatic events, health issues, relational problems, psychological or social struggles, or some combination of these events. In addition, sometimes people begin to discover new aspects of their sexuality and desire that they had not previously been attuned too. When people enter sex therapy they can expect a welcoming and respectful environment in which the therapist begins an assessment of the presenting concerns, information and sexuality education as needed and directed therapeutic interventions designed to assist you in exploring and creating a sexuality that is reflective of your desires and needs.