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Couples and relational therapy

Growing Stronger Together

Couples therapy is a form of counseling that focuses on improving how partners relate to and interact with one another in the here and now. Couples therapy differs from individual psychotherapy as the relationship, and not the individual, is the primary focus of attention. When working with couples the focus often explores how relationship dynamics have been informed by ones family of origin, as well as other life experiences, may be impacting trust and intimacy the here and now. This process involves tracking how partners relate, understand, respond, and interact with one another. Improving how we relate to our intimate partners is a common theme from which to work through conflict and develop richer and more meaningful relationships with self and others. 

Couples therapy requires specialized training, supervision and skill development. Before meeting with a clinician to begin couples therapy, ask about their training, the models they draw from, the length of time they have been practicing and their familiarity with the issues and concerns you and your partners may be experiencing.

Much of the literature on relationships to date has focused on heterosexual and monogamous couples. However, same sex partnerships and consensually non-monogamous relationships face struggles that differ from heterosexual and monogamous couples. Recognizing the strengths and challenges of relational diversity only serves to improve the lives of all people and relationships. 

Having extensive clinical experience working with various intimate relationship styles, I make it a point to state that all relationship styles are welcomed, honored and respected in my practice.

I started working with families and couples in the 1990’s and my approach to relational therapy has been evolving ever-since. I have trained in a variety of family and couples’ therapy approaches including Emotionally Focused Therapy and The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy.